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At Lewis & Bark, we believe our job is the greatest in the world! We’re so lucky to receive unconditional love on a daily basis and have loads of fun with the pets in our care. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to caring for your loved ones in the near future.

Since Samantha was a child, she has loved nothing more than being with dogs. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Samantha enjoyed a 9 year career as a wardrobe stylist in the Motion Picture Industry. During that time, she found herself dedicating more and more time to her passion - animal rescue. She found true happiness when she turned her love of dogs into a career and founded Lewis and Bark to serve the Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades area. Samantha has now gone to the dogs (literally) and has never been happier!

Our Dog family & reviews

Charlie Q.

"In the past, I wouldn’t let anyone in to walk me without barking myself into a little frenzy. But now, my favorite part of the day is when my Lewis & Bark walker comes to visit. They give me lots of cuddles and treats, and they leave a little status note of how I did during our visit (hint: I’m always amazing)." - Charlie, Santa Monica

Duchess S.

“Lewis & Bark has been walking me, hiking me, taking me to dog parks and loving me for over 8 years! Even after I battled cancer four years ago, they were so sensitive to my needs on our outings. My life is so much happier when I’m social, and I cannot contain my excitement when I see them walking up to our house!” - Duchess, Santa Monica

Ellie M.

"I am so lucky to have joined the Lewis & Bark dog pack. Samantha met with me to make sure I was a good fit for the friendliest dog pack this side of the 405. Since then, I‘ve been going on hikes or to the park daily! Sometimes, when my parents are out of town, I get to stay over at Samantha’s house with all of my buddies! Doggy sleep over!" - Ellie, Pacific Palisades

Juno W.

"I stay at Samantha’s house a lot because my mom travels for work. I don’t like a lot of dogs, but Samantha’s dog, Izzy, is my best friend. My fellow dogs and I always wind up finding our best selves when we are around her. Samantha is a bit like Mary Poppins!" - Juno, Pacific Palisades

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We are fully bonded and insured as well as Red Cross certified