Samantha Lewis

During her time as a Wardrobe Stylist in Hollywood, Samantha found herself dedicating more and more time to her passion of animal rescue. Eventually,  she turned her love of dogs into a career and founded Lewis & Bark in 2005. Samantha created the company to foster her belief that dogs should be treated to a higher level of service than what was the standard care for animals. For 15 years, she grew Lewis & Bark to become LA’s premiere dog walking and pet sitting company, winning the prestigious My Fox LA #1 dog-walking business, along with being featured in The New York Times. Now, Samantha has brought that same high level of service to Massachusetts! Having shifted over to dog daycare, boarding, and grooming, she will give all of Lewis & Bark’s clients the best home-away-from-home experience a doggie can have––like staying at a 5-star Doggie BnB!

Todd Lewis

During his career as a producer/editor for reality TV and documentaries, Todd’s favorite gigs were always based around dogs. Whether it be a show on Animal Planet or a documentary about animal rescue, Todd’s love for dogs was always apparent in his ability to capture the essence of our furry buddies on screen or in photos. Using his talents in video production, Todd has the amazing opportunity to not only build the company but give clients a video glimpse into their dogs’ lives while they’re staying at Lewis & Bark––we hope your doggies are ready for their close-up!