$ 45 Per Day
  • Indoor / Outdoor playtime
  • Fun interactive activities with trained staff
  • Stress free, cage free environment

Cage-free Boarding

$ 85 Per Day
  • Cage free slumber party style boarding
  • Daycare included in stay
  • Free exit bath with stays 2 weeks or longer


10 Days

$ 380 $38 a day

20 Days

$ 736 $36.80 a day

Minibar Extras

Frozen Kongs with seasonal flavors


ChillaKong (CBD infused peanut butter)


Puzzle Feeders and lick mats


Homemade Frozen Treat


Midday snack of the day


Birthday Cookies



FaceTime with your pup


Private Fetch Time (20 min.)


Private 30 minute walk


Holiday Home Cooked Meals

Offered on select major holidays

Exit Baths

Starting at $25
Depends on size of dog


– All dogs 7 months and over must be spayed or neutered
– All dogs must wear a quick release collar (available for purchase if needed)
– Negative fecal test every 6 months


DHPP (Yearly)
Rabies (Yearly or every 3 years)
Bordatella (Every 6 months)

Monthly flea and tick preventative
K9 Influenza (Yearly)

Wicked Smaaht Enrichment Program

In this program, we aim to provide mental and physical stimulation to enhance your dogs overall well – being. The program typically includes activities such as interactive puzzle toys, obedience training, agility training, scent work, and impulse control games. The goal is to prevent boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior in dogs and to promote a positive, fulfilling relationship between dogs and their owners.


Daycare Birthday Party

Let Lewis & Bark throw a birthday party for your dog while they are here with us for daycare or boarding. All of their daycare friends will be included in the party!

  • Special birthday toy chosen by your dog
  • Party hats, birthday banner, or other decorations
  • Special birthday photo of your dog
  • Doggie ice cream cones, cupcakes, or special birthday cookies for all dogs
  • Photo’s taken by staff and posted on social media


Spa Packages

All Grooming Prices Are Estimates and Are Subject To Changes Based on Size of Dog, Condition of Coat, and Behavior of Dog

All Grooming Includes Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning

Add On's

Drop off hours

Monday-Friday 7 AM - 10 AM
Saturday Appointment Only*

Pickup hours

Monday-Friday 3 PM - 6 PM
Saturday Appointment Only*

Due to the safety of our employees, we will be closed on extreme weather and school snow days. Check our social media page regularly for updates.

Holiday Hours

Lewis & Bark has staff here 24 hours a day 365 days a year to watch over your pups. On those days we are “closed” it means we will not be allowing pick-ups, drop-offs or daycare.

Memorial Day CLOSED
4th of July CLOSED
Labor Day CLOSED
Thanksgiving Day CLOSED
Christmas Eve CLOSED
Christmas Day CLOSED
New Years Eve CLOSED
New Years Day CLOSED

Boarding Pickup Hours

Check in is between 7am and 10am M-F and 10am-12pm Saturdays and Sundays. Check out time is by 10am on the checkout day. For all dogs picked up after 10am on the checkout day, we charge for a full day of daycare.

Payment Types

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

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