At Lewis & Bark, we understand that every dog is unique, which is why we offer tailored training programs to suit their individual needs. Whether you’re looking to address specific behavior issues or simply enhance your furry friend’s obedience skills, we’ve got you covered.
Our highly experienced certified trainers specialize in both private and group training sessions, ensuring that your pup receives the personalized attention they deserve. 

Private Training


With our one-on-one private training, we work closely with you and your dog to tackle specific challenges and achieve desired results effectively. This personalized approach extends beyond just obedience; our private training sessions are designed as a comprehensive program tailored to meet the unique needs of your canine companion, regardless of their age or skill level.

From learning the foundations of basic commands to navigating advanced obedience and behavior modification, we ensure that every lesson is an enriching experience. Our trainers are not just instructors; they are your partners in building a stronger, more understanding relationship between you and your pet. In this supportive, one-on-one setting, we focus on creating a positive learning environment that encourages your dog to excel, fostering confidence and a deeper bond as you progress together. 

Through this carefully structured training journey, your dog will not only learn commands but also develop the skills necessary for a well-adjusted and sociable life.




For dogs already enrolled in our daycare program, we also offer training of your individual pop within our daycare group setting. This allows the trainer to target specific behaviors for your pop in a social space.

This training option is ideal for some dogs who are struggling to engage safely in a daycare environment. It’s also great for dogs who just need a bit of fine-tuning of their play style.

Group Training Classes

Group training classes offer a controlled environment where dogs can both learn from the trainer and from each other. Training in a group setting introduces various distractions, helping dogs learn to focus on their owner and respond to commands despite the surrounding stimuli. This is crucial for real-world scenarios where distractions are inevitable.

For example, our Morning Enrichment Class — which is open to both daycare and non-daycare dogs — includes a mix of brain games, physical exercises, and training drills, utilizing tools like the lure course, sandbox, and agility activities, amongst others. Afterwards, daycare dogs will return to their regular daycare activities, now mentally and physically satisfied… while non-daycare dogs will go home to show you what they’ve learned.
Other classes offered include Puppy Socialization and K9 Good-Citizen. We also have an Agility Enrichment Class for those dogs who need some extra exercise, stress relief, confidence building, and it’s also just plain fun.
And remember, you don’t have to be a daycare dog at Lewis & Bark to be in our Group Classes. These classes are open to all.

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